OneMerge is a flexible record merge solution which extends the standard Salesforce Duplicate Management features. Salesforce finds the duplicates, OneMerge automates merge to deliver standardised and compliant results.

Deduplication improves user productivity, reporting accuracy and optimises AI and Salesforce Data Cloud outcomes.

Simply defragment your Salesforce data, proactively manage data governance or implement a fully automated Single View of the Customer in Salesforce CRM.

OneMerge is low-effort to implement, scalable and secure; data never leaves Salesforce.

A Free Edition is available which supports basic use cases.


Improve Operational Productivity

OneMerge automation ensures that Salesforce users don’t spend time merging records manually or navigating duplicates across business processes or reports. Real-time merge delivers accessible and accurate data in the moment for time critical journeys.

Elevate Data Governance

OneMerge enables effective data stewardship and consent management across diverse compliance requirements. The merge timeline provides a clear view of all changes with field-level restore and merge rollback options. OneMerge supports the Salesforce Consent Management data model.

Optimise Salesforce Data Cloud

OneMerge delivers a clean, defragmented data foundation for Salesforce Data Cloud (and AI) which can help manage credit consumption for profile unification. OneMerge supports unified profile merge which brings identity resolution benefits to Salesforce CRM.